get back to ubuntu ATI video card install

I had ubuntu ( no dual boot ) on my laptop. With no hard to install driver problems. Decided to to install it also on the desktop( the real user machine ). I have dual monitor setup but with the default drivers i have split view, but no GPU acceleration. With the "suggested" drivers i had GPU acceleration but no split view, only mirror view. So how to fix this.

  1. Install Ubuntu 13.04

  2. Update software AND dont select any additional drivers.

  3. Install ATI's official drivers ( download zip, unrar, execute .run file,

3.1 Download Arhive

3.2 Unrar

3.3 chmod +x .run file

3.4 Run the script ( sudo ./*.run )


3.6 Reboot

  1. run in the terminal: amdcccle

  2. Select your dual-split view settings, this will be only from the catalyst menu